Addis Law have been brilliant in managing the sale of my business. Their professionalism, attention to details and understanding of the nuance have made the whole thing go seamlessly.

They are friendly, open and very easy to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

M Cavanagh

Having instructed Addis Law to draw up a Site Finders Agreement I can highly recommend them.I have found them extremely professional and efficient at what they do.   Working with the such a knowledgeable team has made for a comfortable and valuable experience.

Harps Johal
Paisley Amber

Gatherwell recently enlisted the help of Addis Law in the sale of our business to an internationally listed company.  Having shaken hands on a deal with the other party, the reality of turning a broad agreement in principle into a set of documents that both parties could agree on was an interesting and at times challenging process, made even more complicated by the international dynamic of the deal.

Sally, Lisa and Jane were the dream team in terms of their combined skills and were fantastic throughout the process keeping the project moving, working with us to protect our interests whilst recognising that we needed to concede in places to reach consensus, and ultimately getting to a finalised set of agreements that saw the completion of the deal take place in November 2019.

As the smaller party in the deal there was the potential to have been squeezed by the bigger player, especially in the less obvious areas a deal like this covers.  The team at Addis Law helped frame each of the issues in the contract in a succinct and easily digestible way that enabled us to trade certain points to land on a good deal that both parties were happy with.

Legal teams always look to write contracts with the worst case scenario in mind and therefore with luck, many of the hard fought for protections that are in the final draft of our contract will never need to be used, however it is the safety net that they provide that is the real value in having a professional team on your side.

Whilst we don’t (currently!) have any other businesses to sell, we’d love to work with Addis Law again in the future and would highly recommend them to others should they be looking for a professional team to help navigate them through a sale.

Ben Speare
Managing Director and Owner, Gatherwell Limited

We appointed Addis Law in April 2019 to act on our behalf (the management team) in relation to a management buy-out of consultancy firm, EEVS, from its plc owner.

We worked closely with Sally through detailed contract drafting, due diligence, and negotiations and, ultimately, to the successful completion of the Sale and Purchase Agreement and related documentation in July 2019.

Throughout this process the Addis Law team provided the highest quality legal counsel and professional expertise; whilst Sally’s calm and considered approach meant she remained unflappable and diligent throughout, and especially at the business end of the deal.  Sally is an excellent communicator and was always highly responsive, keeping us up-to-date and well-informed throughout. In a transaction like this, the confidence and reassurance this provided were absolutely invaluable. Similarly, Sally and wider Addis Law team all worked extremely hard on our behalf, going well above and beyond to get the deal done by the deadline day – for this, we remain very grateful.

Impressive throughout, I would have no hesitation in recommending Addis Law to successfully deliver a corporate transaction like ours.


Ian Jeffries
Managing Director, EEVS

Many thanks for all of your help in seeing this project through to completion.  You have done a great job and it has been pleasure to work with you.

Pat Egan

I have found working with the Addis law team a pleasure. Very professional, helpful, fast, efficient and cost effective. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Louis Beaumont
Managing Director, Hive Cleaning

Every lawyer I worked with at Addis Law was fantastic: professional; kind; a shrewd negotiator and, most importantly, expert in the law. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Poppy Wood
Self employed

Sally is an insightful and wise guide through the legal maze. She is an excellent lawyer and a tenacious negotiator. Like all the best lawyers, you want Sally on your side.

Alasdair Evans
CFO, United House Developments

We needed someone really good at what they did, who was also practical and solutions oriented. We got all of this from Addis Law – and it came with a sense of humour.

Kelly Smith
Group CFO, Added Value

Your opinion was clear, concise, pragmatic and practical. My client was able to grasp the issues that you were highlighting and to understand them without any explanation to speak of from me. Your opinion helped my client focus on a sensible settlement and supported me in my negotiations.

Amanda Galashan
Owner, EmployEase, The Employment Practice Ltd