Our Values


People are at the heart of our values at Addis Law. We only employ the best lawyers.  We work hard to build long lasting relationships with our clients so that we become their trusted advisers.  This means that our clients tend to call us at the planning stage of any venture; ensuring we are on their team at the very beginning to help them achieve their goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.  We get to know our clients well and as a result, our advice takes into account not only the immediate commercial imperatives but also our clients’ overall goals.

The reward of contributing to our clients’ successes over the long term is something unique that Addis Law can offer its lawyers. This means that gifted and committed lawyers choose to leave international careers to work with us.  They do this because they know that we work to the highest standards and they will have the satisfaction of developing long lasting relationships with their clients. If our clients are successful, then so are we.

Personal Service

Our commitment to excellent personal service naturally complements our commitment to our clients.  We make sure that our service is fast, responsive and pragmatic.  We always give our clients a clear and realistic assessment of the pros and cons of any options we put forward.  Everything is clear, fast and provided to you in plain English.  For the most part, we provide our clients with a fixed fee quote.  This means that our clients always know how much they are going to pay before we even begin the work.  Our clients appreciate this certainty.

In addition to our pragmatic and responsive approach, our clients benefit from dealing with the same lawyer over the course of their relationship with us.  We carefully match the right lawyer to each client to ensure that working with us is as easy as possible. Our clients know that when they pick up the phone, their Addis Law lawyer will have their background and circumstances at their fingertips.

Technical Excellence

At Addis Law, we do not take on trainees or junior lawyers.  All of our lawyers are highly experienced, technically excellent lawyers who came to us with already successful legal careers.  Each and every lawyer at Addis Law has experience at the highest level of leading large transactions and matters.  Every time our clients come to us, they get the best of us.

Cost Effective Advice

Underpinning everything is our commitment to providing cost effective advice.  We do everything that we can to ensure that our clients do not pay for anything other than our advice, which we are able to provide in the most efficient manner possible.

We do not spend money in the traditional law firm way and these savings are reflected in our charges.

We find that on a like for like basis, our total bill tends to be approximately half of other large Oxfordshire law firms and one third of equivalently sized London based firms.

These cost savings are entirely due to efficiencies in management and working methods.

Our overheads are minimal, with the whole firm situated in serviced offices or working remotely. This provides us with huge savings as compared to the traditional law firm model of leasing and fitting out expensive office space.

We have implemented the most appropriate innovations in relation to technology and knowledge management to ensure that our lawyers work as efficiently as possible.  Our agile working technology ensures that our lawyers can work securely and respond comprehensively to clients, at any time, wherever they are.

Our knowledge management strategy ensures that our lawyers don’t waste time any time in searching for relevant information.  Our lawyers have the right information at their fingertips, wherever they are.  This means that our clients do not pay for the time taken to search for relevant information.

Our clients will always have the same lawyer as a contact throughout their relationship with our firm.  Consequently, our clients never have to pay for any lawyers “reading into” or “getting up to speed” on their matter.  We do not charge our clients for internal briefings.

As a smaller firm, we do not employ trainees or junior lawyers. Consequently, our clients never have to pay for (whether directly or indirectly) training and development of junior lawyers.  All our lawyers are senior, highly experienced and technically brilliant.

We do not spend money on all those extras that clients of other firms pay for indirectly. For example, we do not spend money on corporate hospitality.  We know that our clients would rather have a smaller bill than be invited to a corporate social event.  However, we do enjoy getting to know our clients socially over a coffee, lunch or even dinner!

Our close relationship with our clients is developed over a long period through providing an excellent service at a fair price.