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Our clients expect the very best legal service at a fair price. They need a quick and efficient response from a lawyer who understands their ambitions and business concerns.

That’s why they come to Addis Law.

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We only use high calibre lawyers. Our lawyers are very experienced and expert in their field. They have worked in companies and in law firms. Our advice broadly covers 4 areas: corporate, commercial contracts, tax and risk.

“Sally, Lisa and Jane were the dream team in terms of their combined skills and were fantastic throughout the process keeping the project moving, working with us to protect our interests whilst recognising that we needed to concede in places to reach consensus, and ultimately getting to a finalised set of agreements that saw the completion of the deal take place in November 2019. Whilst we don’t (currently!) have any other businesses to sell, we’d love to work with Addis Law again in the future and would highly recommend them to others should they be looking for a professional team to help navigate them through a sale.”
Ben Speare, Managing Director and Owner, Gatherwell Limited

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